Stromgard Badge

Orders and
Honors of

The Barony of Stromgard

Including a listing of their Tokens

Stromgard Badge
Ordo Musarum Order bestowed upon those who demonstrate great skill in artistic endeavors and the sciences.
This order existed before Stromgard's elevation to Baronial status, and was originally called the Amicus Musarum. The token of the Order is a gem-ring with a red gem.

Order of
The Bell and Chain
The original service token from the Shire of Stromgard, this became a Baronial Order when Stromgard was created a Barony. Originally there were three “levels” but the upper two were closed with the advent (in 2003) of the Famulus Primarius (now known as Ordo Famuli).

Ordo Famuli (once known as the Order of the Famulus Primarius) Given for continued excellence in service to the Barony. The token shows a roundel being held by a pair of hands.

Order ofThe Potissimus Hippocampus Stromgard’s highest Order , usually given after a number of years of surpassing service and/or artistic effort, the Order was modeled after the Lion-An Tir. The token shows a seahorse within and conjoined to an annulet engrailed on the inner edge, all in silver.

Order of the Swan of Stromgard Order bestowed upon those showing exemplary courtesy. This order was inspired by Countess Siobhan N Seagh. No token has yet been registered.

Silver Sea Star Honor given for Service to the Barony of Stromgard by people who are not citizens of the Barony. The token is in thee form of a silver starfish.

Silver Sea Urchin Honor bestowed upon children for their contributions in service and/or courtesy to the Barony. The token bears the image of a fish-tailed hedgehog.

Baron’s Favor Honor given for service to the Baron of Stromgard. The token is an inverted horseshoe.

Seamair Honor given for service to the Baroness of Stromgard. The token has the form of a four-leaved clover on a medallion inscribed with the name of the granting Baroness.